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August 25th, 2010

BFW3 copy

To continue with our catch up blog mayhem…the second week of June lead us back to Brighton for their very first Fashion Week. Our stalls circled the catwalk in the large space of the Corn Exchange, where we were sure not to miss any of the fashion fun. We were coincidentally neibouring the lovely Anna again, such a pleasure to have three events in a row next to her. Our other neibours were Owl Vintage, who offer a lovely selection of vintage and are currently working on their website so keep an eye out for it.

BFW1 copy

We had the pleasure of meeting Crème Nouveau & Hatastic . Crème Nouveau were showcasing their latest collection ‘Twinkle Deluxe’. Our favourite piece from Hatastic had to be the diamante Dominos, a steal at £10.

BFW2 copy

After we had made some new friends, the catwalk was ready to go. Our favourites had to be Playsuit Parlour and Former Glory. Playsuit Parlour show-cased adorable tie-back playsuits while Former Glory adapts vintage pieces with new petticoats and other trims to make ultra-glam drama dresses. Between shows, we were made over by the brand-spanking new Addicted Cosmetics, what a treat! Soon after, we were thrilled to hear Barbara Hulanicki give a talk about her experiences with Biba. Now, Voyager thoroughly enjoyed being part of the first Brighton Fashion Week!

Glamorous Kisses (on both cheeks),

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx

August 6th, 2010

Life at Now, Voyager has been an exciting mix of fairs, festivals & conventions, making our new summer hair accessory collections ‘Picnic’ & ‘Aloha’ plus launching Now, Voyager hair accessories wholesale in London. Come along with us to reminisce on our recent adventures…Let us begin beside the sea…

Leighcraft copy

We were thrilled when Anna asked us to be part of her very first Leigh-on-Sea craft & vintage fair and super excited to be surrounded by some Now, Voyager friends…Sian’s

Sew Swell

and double Sue’s Lazy Dazy and Kind Hearts & Coronets. Felicity went crazy for Sew Swell’s adorable appliquéd white ankle socks with lil red roses & white lace detailing. Jess was thrilled that Kind Hearts & Coronets had her coveted princess scrabble letter rings ready to go.

Leighcraftb copy

Loads of craft-hungry people flowed through the doors eager for a lil look. Our favourite part was having afternoon tea at our stall, what a treat! Now, Voyager being next to a cupcake stall proved all too tempting and we confess we ate three cakes each…scones, carrot cake & honey bee chocolate cupcakes! You only live once, eh?


The next day, we were lucky enough to be next to Anna at Brentwood’s fabulous Vintage Vogue fair, with Sew Swell and Togged to the Bricks round the corner. A school hall filled with a delicious selection of vintage and a sprinkle of craft for good measure, right on our doorstep. Run by Stephen and Michelle, Michelle also show-cases her amazing knitwear talent.

Jenny, our new Now, Voyager model, came along to lend a much appreciated helping hand. She fell in love with the vintage playsuit stall Beach Bygones and soon we were both oohing and ahhing over its large selection and very affordable prices. Hands down, our favourite stall of the day.

VintageVogueb copy

We had the pleasure of meeting Terry of Retro Photostudio who was joined by the lovely model Rayna Terror. You may have noticed this beauty gracing the pages of our lil website.

We had sworn off cake for the day, but Anna soon talked us round. After all, it’s rude to refuse home-made scones!

Craft & Kisses,
Felicity & Jess
Now, Voyager xx

June 24th, 2010

Walking through Romford today, we were suprised to see Choice jumping on the Now, Voyager bandwagon!

ChoiceRomford copy

June 22nd, 2010

When Gemma asked to feature our cookie clip in Neo at Expo, we were thrilled to be in such an amazing magazine!

Neo copy

June 22nd, 2010

What can we say? We screamed in lil W.H. Smith’s, Minehead when we saw this. Thank you Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair!

Independent copy

June 22nd, 2010

When Felicity trundled off to uni she didn’t expect to enjoy it at all, it was a necessary step to get where she wanted to go. But life is full of suprises and she made lifelong relationships and keeps in touch with UEL. She has given guest talks on buying in the past and will continue this next semester. UEL’s alumni magazine was interested in featuring Now, Voyager in their Summer 2010 issue.

UEL copy

June 13th, 2010

StallExpo1 copy

When you think of sci-fi/manga/comic/movie conventions the first image that pops into your mind may be that of a slightly sweaty middle-aged Trekkie, but allow us to re-educate you…those dedicated to following sci-fi/manga/comics/movies are some of the nicest, most interesting people you could hope to meet. We were super excited to spend two days with some of the coolest costumes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

We were thrilled to find that there were lots of talented hand-crafted goodies on offer. We first recognised the pink polka dot fun of Meow Box from their popular stall in Brick Lane. Felicity had purchased her first ever cake necklace from their stall years ago. They were showing off their brand spanking new swirl cupcake necklace.

StallHoldersExpo2 copy

Bek-e’s hand-made frill bows from her brand Sugarglass were going down a treat. For super cute animal hats, Eyeko had everything from pigs to bunnies.

We fell in love with Kickass-Peanut. Hannah’s adorable lil characters are translated into everything from plushes to laser cut jewellery. Kickass-Peanut jewellery is soon to be found in Now, Voyager.

We also caught up with friends Lydia and Phil of Japanese-inspired t-shirt brand Genki Gear. Their new designs were causing a stir. Our favourite has got to be the Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing!

HappyCustomersExpo3 copy

We launch a bunch of new hair lovlies including knitted ice cream hair clips, brightly coloured duck clips, costume duck hair clips, felt cake slice clips, octopus hair clips, straw hats…

Jess was happy to spend the weekend next to a life-size cut-out of Edward Cullen. Twilight is an iffy subject at Expo. We had walked past the giant queue to signs like ‘Twlight Sucks’ and ‘No Free Hugs for Twilight Fans’. We won’t flaunt the fact that our midnight showing tickets for the new film are all booked! Shhhh…

DressUpExpo3 copy

Amongst some of the best costumes were gorgeous Lolita ladies, Alice’s White Queen, The Cat in the Hat, Lady GaGa… For some of the characters, the make-up alone can take hours. For October’s Expo, we are going for it with the costumes. Though we did cover our faces in glitter and put as much as we could fit in our hair, we couldn’t help be envious of the fabulous costumes!

Free Hugs & Kisses,
Felicity & Jess
Now, Voyager xx

June 8th, 2010

We popped up for an evening for Della’s Rock-ola at The Paddocks, Canvey Island to let local 50s enthusiasts and swing dance lovers know about our lil shop. This happily coincided with Jayson’s band playing so we got to spend the evening with Claire and her family too.

Paddocks copy

Launching our much loved flying and perched bird hair clips in pastels and brining along Freddies of Pinewood classic high waist denim, we got many new customers to the jump on the Now, Voyager band wagon. We will be back at Rock-ola on October 8th with the featured band Red Hot Rockers.

Two days later, we were up bright and early on our way to Leicester to take part in Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. The sun was shining and we were eager to launch our sunflower trio hair clips. We ate more of Sam’s fabulous carrot cake for breakfast and later on, her brand spanking new creation-jelly in a tea cup!

LeicesterAVF copy

Felicity grabbed a cute sparkly bow from Kathleen & Lily’s. Not only do they offer hand-crafted insect jewellery and lux hair bows, but they also alter vintage garments on the spot. Handy people to know!

Quality Kitsch offer dead-stock bits and pieces from 50s hair pins to 80s broaches. They also have an established eBay shop selling a wide variety of kitsch goodies.

LeicesterAVF2 copy

It was a very hot day indeed, and when the customers cleared Felicity found her dream 80s party dress…off the shoulder emerald green metallic taffeta and black velvet cake-like creation by Jessica McClintock. Vintage fairs certainly have an addictive quality, which is good for us as there are plenty in our future! Keep an eye on our blog category Event Dates for Your Diary to see when we will next be in a town near you!

Cake & Kisses,
Felicity & Jess
Now, Voyager xx

June 8th, 2010

Following our own ‘A-Fayre to Remember’, we barely had time to catch our breath before our debut with Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Cambridge on Sunday 8th May. After being a little traumatised by difficulties of unloading for an event faced with the park-and-ride system, we whipped the stall up and grabbed some of Sam’s amazing cake for breakfast. Jess quickly became addicted to Sam’s truly special carrot cake.

CAVF copy

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair certainly lived up to it’s name, with some of the finest quality retro and vintage being so reasonably priced we got goosebumps! When the flow of eager vintage-lovers finally slowed a little, Felicity grabbed a spare minute to have a gander and purchased a super cute 80s Hawaiian dress for only £28.

We also got the pleasure of meeting the lovely Hazel of the travelling vintage pop-up shop Rag & Bow. It’s not just the rails of vintage bargains to be had and her well-known £10 rail that have given ‘Rag & Bow’ its reputation, but Hazel herself is a bubbly, friendly stall holder ready to style up any lil lady.

CAVFHarp2 copy

The next Sunday, we were back in Hertfordshire for Jenny’s Harpenden Vintage & Accessories Fair. Getting lost once again, we were guided to the event by a gentleman on a bike, bless him! We have decided to invest in a Sat Nav to reduce us harassing the unsuspecting general public!

We loved Mildew cards designed by Claire, especially the range featuring hand-drawn biscuits & cake with cheeky faces. We are also particularly fond of Sharon’s vintage crockery stall The Polka Dot Pantry, many pieces you can dream would be used in your ideal afternoon tea party. We purchased a beautiful, dainty floral three tier cake stand to be used on the Now, Voyager stall.

CAVFHarp copy

We will be back in Hertfordshire for Jenny’s next fair on Sunday 11th July in Hitchin.

Cake & Kisses,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx

June 4th, 2010

FreightHouse copy

We began May with our very own Vintage & Craft fair, which we named ‘An A-Fayre to Remember’, and the event certainly lived up to it’s name! We can’t say it was all smooth sailing, but boy was it a blast. After allocating all of our fresh-faced stall holders their places in the two rooms upstairs in the Railway Hotel, we quickly whipped up the Now, Voyager stall and doors opened at twelve to a queue of craft-lovers.

A-Fayre1 copy

Upon entering the first room, they could shop the lovely, quirky SEW SWELL goodies. Sian’s printed cushions went down a treat, and Lauren bagged herself some lace appliqué detail ankle socks. We also purchased Sian’s hand-made anchor bunting, which is now sitting happily in our lil shop alongside our toy range of hair accessories. Next up was Ruby Lip’s delicious cakes and tattoo-style hand-made cards. The best part was that you could have the cards personalised-super cute!

A-Fayre3 copy

Luxury Nappy Cakes offered all your newborn needs, adorably in the shape of a cake! Elaine and Steve Hooker of the Steve Hooker band and SLICK 50 barbers showed rockabilly wares-CD’s, t-shirts (proudly stocked by Now, Voyager) and hair products.

A-Fayre2 copy

Marilyn and the Matador had a selection of vintage, yummy cupcakes and Felicity’s ultimate weakness-Betsey Johnson bags! Felicity’s niece Paige was delighted by Natalie’s lovely cupcake display and ate two! Rosilee Clothing & Hats joined us, with their 40s/50s inspired lovelies, all hand-made by Rosa.

A-Fayre6 copy

Bubblegum Records, the popular store in Now, Voyager’s basement, showed off Ian’s great selection of records & CD’s. Kind Heart’s & Coronets offered adorable hand-made broaches, cushions and cards. Felicity grabbed a lollypop broach.

Crossing to the next room, Charm Bears were lined up-an adorable gift with charms for any occasion. Entering into the second room, the Seaside Siren Roller Girls were proudly letting everyone know about their team. With all the information you need to attend a fresh meat session, plus popcorn & sweets, everyone was drawn to their stall!

A-Fayre4 copy

Togged to the Bricks provided us with their excellent selection of 30s-50s vintage clothing. ESSHAYCH taught us all a thing or to about augami-the art of Japanese crochet. We were so excited by Sarah’s talent that Now, Voyager are working with Esshaych to create a range of hair accessories ‘Harajuku by Esshaych’ that will be launched at London Expo and will feature as part of our online store.

A-Fayre5 copy

THE MOLTEN PIXIE and SparkleLyn show-cased a large selection of hand-made glass-blown jewellery.

Entertainment was provided by the fantastic DJ Mark Wilkins & acoustic talent Heron member Ray Hewitt.

We have to say a massive thank you to all of our friends, families & very talented stall holders for making it a fab first event. Watch this space for the next one!

Cake & Kisses,

Felicity & Lauren

Now, Voyager xx

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