We Love the 40s…


Following our recent trip to The Blitz Party, we wanted to share some our favourite 40s enthusiast YouTubers. Their dedication to documenting vintage techniques allows us to be inspired to keep it alive. First up, some 40s hairstyles from Classic Retro Glamour Please note that these videos showcase pin up photography, view at your discretion.


Next up we have 40s style girl next door make up by Casey of Elegant Musings

Gorgeous locks & love,

Felicity & Jess xx
Now, Voyager

6 Responses to “We Love the 40s…”

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  3. Fliss says:

    Thanks ever so much for the kind words! We get asked often for hair style tips when we are at events so we like to recommended fab YouTubers!

    Take care,
    Now, Voyager xx

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