Leonard Street Royal Wedding Party with the Book Club


The excitement of Will & Kate’s impending nuptials crept up on us slowly, but by the morning of the 29th and the Leonard Street Party with The Book Club, we were like kiddy winks on Christmas Eve, positively buzzing!

As we arrived to set up as part of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, we were greeted by a winding queue of people equally as excited! The queue featured an odd, beautiful assortment of brides, grooms, 40s vixens, union jack outfits, pearly kings & queens…all enthusiastically waving the British flag! 


Judy (THE Judy of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair) managed to get all the key colours of the day into her glamorous Hazel of Rag & Bow is pictured with her, sporting a veil. The lady of the hour, the lovely Loriann (pictured pretty in pink, above) was surrounded by an entourage by happy attendees, wishing to thank the lady who came up with the idea of the Royal Wedding Leonard Street Party and made it happen. The press were keen to capture the height of Royal Wedding party style-Rimmel London & Grazia pinched some of our happy customers for a quick snap.


The selection of Judy’s stalls included Love Ur Look-vintage-inspired designs handmade by Ronke. Love Da gave the popcorn stand a modern twist, with quirky flavours including white chocolate and salt & pepper…yum!


 Thirza’s Vintage were offering everything you could possibly need for the perfectly quaint picnic-from the cutest day dresses to the floral picnic set.


As the rather Royal music began, the crowd were screaming & pointing, aching for a glimpse of Kate’s dress and of course, they were not disappointed.  There were tears & cheers throughout…we may have had a lil tear! Our favourite thing about the Royal Wedding was the happiness in lil Paigey’s eyes, who now believes that she also can marry a prince and live happily ever after. In a world filled with divorce, surely that’s a lovely ideal to install in a child’s little head…happily ever after.


And of course, our favourite bit-the kiss…

Royal waves,

Felicity & Jess xx

Now, Voyager


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