Glitter Faces

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When you think of sci-fi/manga/comic/movie conventions the first image that pops into your mind may be that of a slightly sweaty middle-aged Trekkie, but allow us to re-educate you…those dedicated to following sci-fi/manga/comics/movies are some of the nicest, most interesting people you could hope to meet. We were super excited to spend two days with some of the coolest costumes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

We were thrilled to find that there were lots of talented hand-crafted goodies on offer. We first recognised the pink polka dot fun of Meow Box from their popular stall in Brick Lane. Felicity had purchased her first ever cake necklace from their stall years ago. They were showing off their brand spanking new swirl cupcake necklace.

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Bek-e’s hand-made frill bows from her brand Sugarglass were going down a treat. For super cute animal hats, Eyeko had everything from pigs to bunnies.

We fell in love with Kickass-Peanut. Hannah’s adorable lil characters are translated into everything from plushes to laser cut jewellery. Kickass-Peanut jewellery is soon to be found in Now, Voyager.

We also caught up with friends Lydia and Phil of Japanese-inspired t-shirt brand Genki Gear. Their new designs were causing a stir. Our favourite has got to be the Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing!

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We launch a bunch of new hair lovlies including knitted ice cream hair clips, brightly coloured duck clips, costume duck hair clips, felt cake slice clips, octopus hair clips, straw hats…

Jess was happy to spend the weekend next to a life-size cut-out of Edward Cullen. Twilight is an iffy subject at Expo. We had walked past the giant queue to signs like ‘Twlight Sucks’ and ‘No Free Hugs for Twilight Fans’. We won’t flaunt the fact that our midnight showing tickets for the new film are all booked! Shhhh…

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Amongst some of the best costumes were gorgeous Lolita ladies, Alice’s White Queen, The Cat in the Hat, Lady GaGa… For some of the characters, the make-up alone can take hours. For October’s Expo, we are going for it with the costumes. Though we did cover our faces in glitter and put as much as we could fit in our hair, we couldn’t help be envious of the fabulous costumes!

Free Hugs & Kisses,
Felicity & Jess
Now, Voyager xx

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